HW Approaches KVL Lynch

The Biological Approach for HW

Please use the PPT document on the link above.  Read, highlight and make notes in any gaps on pages 27, 28 and top of p.29 of your Approaches booklet.  Ready for some quiz questions next lesson!

(If you use a college computer, you will need to select “open folder” when trying to find the downloaded document)

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Social Lesson work (and homework) for KVL Lynch Thursday 24/3/16

Asch variations and explanations AO3

Use the ppt above to complete the lesson and homework

12X – periods 1-2 – explanations AO3 p.4, essay plan p.9, variations p.8

12W – periods 4 – variations p.8

HW for both classes – use textbook to complete AO1 page on Milgram’s study of obedience

All tasks will be checked on the first lesson back – 12/4/16

Any questions/problems, please ask/email