KSL: Research Methods Y12

For today’s lesson please download and print off the following exam paper and complete the Research Methods section ONLY (pages 15-19):


Bring the completed paper to class next week, along with your work on ethics and peer review.

If you would like to read ahead for the lesson in 2 weeks’ time, look up the “sign test” in your textbook.


KSL: Year 13 Research methods Weds 6/7 21/11/17

I am sorry I am not in the lesson today: please use the attached PowerPoint to complete the work in the booklet from page 53 onwards. You will also need to design a method section (as per the PP instructions).

If you have any questions, please email me: kat.lovelock@beauchamp.org.uk

There will be a final long answer question test next lesson as a final prep before the trials.

Week 12_LAQ_designing a study_method section

KSL: Year 12 Research Methods Tues 1/2 & Tues 6/7 21/11/17

I am really sorry I can’t be in the lessons today – my youngest daughter has chicken pox!

We will go over the homework on peer review and ethics in the lesson on 28/11/17.

For the lesson on 21/11/17, please complete pages 45-50 in your booklet. This covers graphs, normal and skewed distributions and mathematical skills.

If you have any questions, please email me directly at kat.lovelock@beauchamp.org.uk.

You MUST bring this work to next week’s lesson. Please stay in the classroom for the double lesson to complete it after the register has been taken.