KSL: Attachment 27/02/18 – periods 1/2 & 6/7

I am really sorry to miss another Tuesday but unfortunately the course in London for EPQ is compulsory.

Please do email me or come and see me any other day in college if you have any questions about the work.

Please make sure that all the pages in your booklet are completed up to and including page 19. The work that you have completed independently is on:

Description and evaluation of Bowlby’s monotropic theory

Description and Evaluation of Learning theory

You need to make sure you have 6 marks worth of description (A01) and 10 marks worth of evaluation (A03).

Please ensure you have revision notes for the first 3 bullet points of the specification – there will be an assessment during next week’s lesson on the content covered so far.

Next week we will review the 2 theories above and start Ainsworth’s Strange Situation. Please read the following article to prepare for the next 2 weeks’ work: https://www.parentingscience.com/strange-situation.html


KVL Lynch lesson work year 12 periods 3-4 parent teacher day 20/2/18

Please complete the following tasks:


  1. Re-read page 13 on the learning theory explanation of attachment, and complete the activities on bottom of p13 and top of p.14
  2. Use the ppt to check these answers and then fill in the evaluation points on p14-15 (ensure you have read through them all)
  3. Complete your answer for the Max scenario Q on p.15 (there is an example answer on the ppt to help you
  4. Use the ppt to make notes on Bowlby’s theory of attachment for p.17 (including highlighting the key words)
  5. Homework – keep revising p1-11 ready for assessment Qs on these pages in next week’s lesson