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Mr. O'Grady Thursday 3rd April

So sorry everyone, I won’t be in today. Please find your work below. I shall be producing online lessons to make up for today, but please prepare by following the instructions below.

Year 12 The Hardy Personality – from any appropriate text, please make notes on. 1 The basic idea behind Kobasa’s thinking 2. The description of the types (the 3 Cs) 3. Two studies that support the idea, i.e. Those with high Hardiness are protected from the negative impacts of stress 4. Two evaluations of the idea in terms of evidence based research. Please specifically note any point that you will need clarifying when we next meet.

Year 13 1. Print out or electronically save and annotate the attached document. As we discussed last week, identify the A01 A02 and IDA. Identify where it is clear that the question is being directly addressed. Identify any point where you can see that a rephrasing would allow for separate A01 and A02 marks to be gained. You will find the document here Endogenous And Exogenous Factors. – 20131108_104422 2. Read and make notes on Restorative Theories of the Function of Sleep. That is, the idea that sleep provides a time for specific and essential biological functioning – directly opposed to the ‘waste of time theories’ we considered from an Evolutionary Approach.


Mr. O'Grady 3rd March 2014

AS Abnormal – read and make notes on behaviourist explanations of abnormality. Your focus should be on each of the three processes, classical, operant and social learning theory. It is important that you have an example of abnormality for each of the three.

AS Stress- please read and make notes on ‘everyday hassles’ as a source of stress. Pay particular attention to the ideas about WHY these act to be so much more damaging than major life events (Amplification and Accumulation).

A2 Biological Rhythms- please add a second research study on the impact of jet lag to the one you already have. Then make BRIEF notes on the role of melatonin therapy to reduce the impact of disruption. Your focus is not that this works, but what the fact that it does tells us about the underlying mechanisms.

Mr O'Grady 5th December

Sorry y13 I’m not very well.

Please complete the exam question starting ‘Two psychologists investigated the relationship between age and recall of medical advice.” All sections please. Think very carefully about Q19 and use it as useful revision of testing internal and external reliability. For Q27 think very carefully about why they have specified repeated measures? They’re testing to see if you’ve remembered something specific from AS 🙂

I want it handed in by the end of Friday so I can check it has been done and we shall go through it thoroughly next week.


Year 12 memory groups. From any text – make notes on ‘evidence to support the Working Memory Model’ – The focus should be on evidence that suggests SEPARATE PROCESSES. Include one piece of research looking at dual or concurrent task method, one piece looking at either brain injury or brain scanning research and also a description of the WORD LENGTH EFFECT.


Your work must be handed in to the office by the end of the day. It can be put in the yellow storage on the back of the office door. Thank you.