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Mr. O'Grady Wed19th Nov.

Sorry everyone, I’m sure you’re devastated by my absence. Thank you. The work for today:

Y13: Prep for timed question (next week) Outline the critical charachteristics of schizophrenia. AND read and make notes on ‘issues of reliability and validity in the diagnosis of Schizophrenia’

Y12 firstly, you will have a test this time next week on the memory topic, so use your time to revise carefully.  We still need to do an evaluation of Key Word Technique (you have the notes already if you want to get a head start). SECONDLY, read and make notes on Bowlby’s theory of attachment. Key bullet points is sufficient. Imagine a 6 mark ‘outline’ question.

Mr.O'Grady Friday Sept 12

Sorry everyone, I’d really rather be there 🙁

Y12 please make sure you have handed in the homework. The opportunity to revise the material so far. Concentrate on the difference between experimental TYPE and DESIGN and sample selection techniques. You do have an up coming test.

Y13 using any text, make notes on the definition, functions of and process of PEER REVEIW.

revision help

For all those of you smart enough to be keeping an eye on the website. If you’re looking for some extra revision help, why not check out the AS podcast page and watch or listen to a few of the old AS paper 1 recordings?