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AS students competition to help with revision

Win a revision masterclass with Cara Flanagan


To celebrate the publication of the Revision Companion, we’re giving your students the chance to win a revision session with  best-selling author and psychology expert Cara Flanagan by showing how they
can make revision memorable
. Make sure they send us their entries by 28  February 2014 for the chance to win: all the details are on our website.


13V Monday period 1+2 KVL Sz

1) Complete your own summary sheet of the AO1 and Ao2 of ECT (any format you like)

2) Read and highlight info on drug therapy p.4

3) Print and complete attached diagram  DRUG THERAPY IN SCHIZOPHRENIA activity

4) Use powerpoint attached to make notes on drug therapy evaluation drug therapy

HW – complete detailed essay plan “outline and evaluate one biological therapy for schizophrenia” (8+16)

Any questions please ask me/email me