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Miss Bird – Year 12 and 13 Psychology work (Tues 15th – Fri 18th Dec)

Year 13 – prepare revision notes and look at past-paper questions for the Addiction topic in preparation for the January trial exam.

Year 12 – pages 28-34 in psychopathology booklet on depression – clinical characteristics, cognitive approach and cognitive treatments. You will need to complete the pages in the booklet and make revision notes ready for the mock exam. You may need the worksheets below.

Depression clinical characteristics – pair task

Evaluation of the Cognitive Approach to explaining Depression

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Have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year – see you in 2016

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Miss Bird Year 12 Monday 14th December 2015 (all classes)

Complete pages 28-32 in your purple psychopathology booklets on the clinical characteristics of depression and the cognitive approach to depression including A01 description (gap fill) and A03 evaluation. Attached below are worksheets that you will need to complete this work, copies can be found in the psychology office also on purple paper.

Depression clinical characteristics – pair task page 29

Evaluation of the Cognitive Approach to explaining Depression page 32

This work needs to be completed by the next single lesson with me this week. Any questions please email me at

Miss B

Miss Bird – Class work Year 12 Friday 11th Dec

12Z1 – Period 2 – make revision notes for the phobias section of the topic in preparation for the mock exam.

12Y1 – Periods 3&4 – revision notes on Research Methods topic for mock exam.

12X2 – Periods 6&7 – completes pages 25-27 in your Psychopathology booklets for behaviourist treatments for phobias. Use the PPT and worksheets below to help you.

PPT 2 – Phobias

The 5 stages of systematic desensitisation

Evaluation of Systematic Desensitisation

Flooding – student Q worksheet

Any questions please email me – all work is due next lesson.

Miss B

LCB Year 13 Tuesday 14th April 1&2

Complete the following tasks in your green aggression booklets: –

1. Gap fill of the A01 description of deindividuation theory of aggression.

2. Go on and type in ‘The Stanford prison experiment.’ Watch the 13.40 minute clip and make notes in your  booklet on the APFCE of Zimbardo’s research study. Finish the conclusion at the bottom of that page.

3. Download and print the document below. Cut and stick in booklet – 4 strengths and 5 weaknesses of deindividuation theory.

Deindividuation A02 cut and stick

4. Read Freud’s psychodynamic approach and complete the task underneath, comparing Freud to SLT and Deindividuation theory.

5. Complete the A02 summary table for both SLT and Deindividuation theory in your booklets.

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