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Download materials for AS psychology

HW Approaches KVL Lynch

The Biological Approach for HW

Please use the PPT document on the link above.  Read, highlight and make notes in any gaps on pages 27, 28 and top of p.29 of your Approaches booklet.  Ready for some quiz questions next lesson!

(If you use a college computer, you will need to select “open folder” when trying to find the downloaded document)

Any problems, please let me know.






KSL – Attachment: Bowlby’s evolutionary theory

Please complete pages 12, 13 and 14 of your booklet.

The learning objectives for the lesson are to be able to describe and evaluate Bowlby’e evolutionary theory of attachment. You could get an essay question on this in the exam – so you need up to 8 marks of description and 8 marks of evaluation.

For homework, please make your own revision notes on the description and evaluation of Bowlby’s theory.

Use the PP and the Word document to fill in the missing information in the booklet.

Bowlby’s theory description

Bowlbys theory_2016

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