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KSL: Research Methods Y12

For today’s lesson please download and print off the following exam paper and complete the Research Methods section ONLY (pages 15-19):

Bring the completed paper to class next week, along with your work on ethics and peer review.

If you would like to read ahead for the lesson in 2 weeks’ time, look up the “sign test” in your textbook.


KSL: Year 13 Research methods Weds 6/7 21/11/17

I am sorry I am not in the lesson today: please use the attached PowerPoint to complete the work in the booklet from page 53 onwards. You will also need to design a method section (as per the PP instructions).

If you have any questions, please email me:

There will be a final long answer question test next lesson as a final prep before the trials.

Week 12_LAQ_designing a study_method section

KSL: Year 12 Research Methods Tues 1/2 & Tues 6/7 21/11/17

I am really sorry I can’t be in the lessons today – my youngest daughter has chicken pox!

We will go over the homework on peer review and ethics in the lesson on 28/11/17.

For the lesson on 21/11/17, please complete pages 45-50 in your booklet. This covers graphs, normal and skewed distributions and mathematical skills.

If you have any questions, please email me directly at

You MUST bring this work to next week’s lesson. Please stay in the classroom for the double lesson to complete it after the register has been taken.