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KVL Lynch work Social Psychology Year 12

Zimbardo 2018 website

Milgram ethics – match up


Use ppt above, booklet, textbook and handout

  1. Check have definition of social roles
  2. Complete fill in gaps handout (not using notes, and then check back)
  3. Use a different colour pen to mark and check your fill in gaps evaluation (p11)
  4. Use a different colour pen to mark and check you have matched up the ethics points correctly (p11)
  5. Follow instructions on ppt, document above and textbook, complete notes on Milgram as instructed (p. 13 & 17)
  6. Homework on ppt – start revision notes, to be handed in 21st May!

KVL Mrs Lynch year 13 lessons Friday 2nd March periods 1-2, 3-4

Biopsychology rhythms 2

rhythms recap task


Siffre fill in gaps

  1. draw out the three rhythm pictures on the 1st ppt slide and label rhythm.
  2. complete rhythms recap task
  3. read ppt/booklet pages on ultradian – stages of sleep p.23. Label the dark bands on the graph (at the top of stage 1 sleep) as REM sleep
  4. Use the doc above to fill in Siffre/Folkard p.24 and use ppt for evaluation point
  5. Read AO3 on p25 of booklet and complete Qs 1-3
  6. Homework task is on the last slide of the ppt – essay plan infradian research

Any questions, please email/come and ask – there are paper copies of the recap task in the office if you want to come and collect them instead, thanks