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KSL – Aggression

Please complete the review questions on page 23 and bring your printed and completed essay plan on institutional aggression to the lesson next week.

There will be a 24 mark test so please revise and bring your own revision notes for: SLT, deindividuation and both theories of institutional aggression next week.

Please also complete page 24 which is a review of genetics from AS and should be easy (in preparation for next week’s lesson content).

Any questions, just email me:

AS Psychology App

– written by Cara Flanagan

– should therefore mirror the content in your textbook

– not a replacement for creating your own revision notes but an additional method to give you some variety/revision on the go!

– memory app is free so you can decide if you want to buy the whole app

– £7.99 for all 6 topics

-Illuminate Publishing – see their website for a youtube clip showing how it works