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12V1 KVL lesson Thursday 12/2/15

1) Please use the following document to complete the essay plan on p.8 of your booklet

Conformity explanations essay Plan

Ignore p. 7 as the p.8 essay plan includes this activity’s information

2) ensure you have completed today’s homework – pages 9,10,11

Examples of minority influence

3) Use your textbook to complete the notes on Milgram’s study (p.13) including the remaining part of the procedure


1) Milgram- Use the document below to complete the ethically unacceptable arguments on p.16 (we will complete the arguments back in the lesson)

Milgram ethics

2) Complete your revision notes on conformity – i.e. pages 1-8 of your social influence booklet, to include explanations (and Ao2), types of conformity (including examples) research studies into conformity and evaluation.  To be shown Monday 23/2/14 ready for exam questions in your lesson on Tuesday 24/2/14.

Any questions, please ask/email




13 W KVL homework – Kohlberg

1) Use document to complete Ao1 notes on the theory (p.3 booklet)

Kohlberg’s theory in table to fill in

2) Use A5 handout to decide which stage each Heinz response applies to

3) Use ppt to complete page 5 on gender bias

Kohlberg gender bias

4) Read instructions at bottom of page 5 and put paragraphs into correct order on page 6

5) Complete 12 mark summary on p.7 – ensure your AO1 refers not just to the stages but his key ideas too (e.g. p.2 info).