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13 W KVL homework – Kohlberg

1) Use document to complete Ao1 notes on the theory (p.3 booklet)

Kohlberg’s theory in table to fill in

2) Use A5 handout to decide which stage each Heinz response applies to

3) Use ppt to complete page 5 on gender bias

Kohlberg gender bias

4) Read instructions at bottom of page 5 and put paragraphs into correct order on page 6

5) Complete 12 mark summary on p.7 – ensure your AO1 refers not just to the stages but his key ideas too (e.g. p.2 info).


KSL – Aggression

Please complete the review questions on page 23 and bring your printed and completed essay plan on institutional aggression to the lesson next week.

There will be a 24 mark test so please revise and bring your own revision notes for: SLT, deindividuation and both theories of institutional aggression next week.

Please also complete page 24 which is a review of genetics from AS and should be easy (in preparation for next week’s lesson content).

Any questions, just email me:

AS Psychology App

– written by Cara Flanagan

– should therefore mirror the content in your textbook

– not a replacement for creating your own revision notes but an additional method to give you some variety/revision on the go!

– memory app is free so you can decide if you want to buy the whole app

– £7.99 for all 6 topics

-Illuminate Publishing – see their website for a youtube clip showing how it works