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KVL Mrs Lynch year 13 lessons Friday 2nd March periods 1-2, 3-4

Biopsychology rhythms 2

rhythms recap task


Siffre fill in gaps

  1. draw out the three rhythm pictures on the 1st ppt slide and label rhythm.
  2. complete rhythms recap task
  3. read ppt/booklet pages on ultradian – stages of sleep p.23. Label the dark bands on the graph (at the top of stage 1 sleep) as REM sleep
  4. Use the doc above to fill in Siffre/Folkard p.24 and use ppt for evaluation point
  5. Read AO3 on p25 of booklet and complete Qs 1-3
  6. Homework task is on the last slide of the ppt – essay plan infradian research

Any questions, please email/come and ask – there are paper copies of the recap task in the office if you want to come and collect them instead, thanks

KVL Lynch lesson work year 12 periods 3-4 parent teacher day 20/2/18

Please complete the following tasks:


  1. Re-read page 13 on the learning theory explanation of attachment, and complete the activities on bottom of p13 and top of p.14
  2. Use the ppt to check these answers and then fill in the evaluation points on p14-15 (ensure you have read through them all)
  3. Complete your answer for the Max scenario Q on p.15 (there is an example answer on the ppt to help you
  4. Use the ppt to make notes on Bowlby’s theory of attachment for p.17 (including highlighting the key words)
  5. Homework – keep revising p1-11 ready for assessment Qs on these pages in next week’s lesson

KSL: Year 12 Research Methods Tues 1/2 & Tues 6/7 21/11/17

I am really sorry I can’t be in the lessons today – my youngest daughter has chicken pox!

We will go over the homework on peer review and ethics in the lesson on 28/11/17.

For the lesson on 21/11/17, please complete pages 45-50 in your booklet. This covers graphs, normal and skewed distributions and mathematical skills.

If you have any questions, please email me directly at

You MUST bring this work to next week’s lesson. Please stay in the classroom for the double lesson to complete it after the register has been taken.