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KSL: Year 12 Research Methods Tues 1/2 & Tues 6/7 21/11/17

I am really sorry I can’t be in the lessons today – my youngest daughter has chicken pox!

We will go over the homework on peer review and ethics in the lesson on 28/11/17.

For the lesson on 21/11/17, please complete pages 45-50 in your booklet. This covers graphs, normal and skewed distributions and mathematical skills.

If you have any questions, please email me directly at

You MUST bring this work to next week’s lesson. Please stay in the classroom for the double lesson to complete it after the register has been taken.

Welcome to the new academic year

Hello everyone. please remember to bookmark this site as it is going to be an important source of information for you. There will be lots more resources available than ever before and we will will try to keep it organised as much as possible in line with the syllabus topics you can see in the menu bar.