KVL Lynch work Social Psychology Year 12

Zimbardo 2018 website

Milgram ethics – match up


Use ppt above, booklet, textbook and handout

  1. Check have definition of social roles
  2. Complete fill in gaps handout (not using notes, and then check back)
  3. Use a different colour pen to mark and check your fill in gaps evaluation (p11)
  4. Use a different colour pen to mark and check you have matched up the ethics points correctly (p11)
  5. Follow instructions on ppt, document above and textbook, complete notes on Milgram as instructed (p. 13 & 17)
  6. Homework on ppt – start revision notes, to be handed in 21st May!

KSL: Attachment extra reading

For those of you who are interested, this article by Barabra Tizard (of the Hodges and Tizard study) makes interesting reading…