13V – Tuesday 15th Nov – Schizophrenia KVL

Just to remind you of your instructions for this lesson work:

1) Read the description of drug therapy that is in your booklet

2) Use the PowerPoint that is on this website to make notes on the evaluation of drug therapy for sz

3) Answer this question “Evaluate one biological therapy used in the treatment of schizophrenia” (6marks)

Any questions, email/see me!

Tuesday 15th November: Memory work 12V1 – SGL period 6 & 7

1. Read through page 19 of your textbook to help you complete worksheet on own-age bias.

2. Complete essay plan for 12 mark question (outline and evaluate research into the effects of age of witnesses on accuracy of eyewitness testimony).

3. Read worksheet on cognitive interview and textbook page 20. Use this to help you answer the 4 mark exam question.

4. Make notes on the research to support the cognitive interview for each separate component using the following worksheet: Supporting evidence task