KSL Aggression: Lesson 1

Please collect an Aggression booklet from the desk and complete the following tasks. The lesson is on the description and evaluation of SLT as an explanation for aggression (and is fairly easy as you have covered SLT at least 3 times previously in the context of other behaviours).

  1. Complete page 2: which behaviours do you think are aggressive?
  2. Complete page 3 using the PowerPoint attached. Week 1_SLT
  3. Read the make your own notes on the description of SLT on page 4.
  4. Fill in the gaps for the study on page 5. This study is A02 as it supports SLT.
  5. Use the document entitled ‘Evaluation of SLT’ on the website to complete page 6.
  6. Correct the 10 mistakes on page 7.

Next week: synoptic evaluation and evaluation of SLT (it might be an idea to read up on IDA as synoptic evaluation before the lesson).